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The exhibition “I’d rather ask” takes you on a deep dive into the remarkable world of Henrik Ibsen’s thoughts.

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    Stian Nybru

The title, taken from Ibsen’s own poem Et rimbrev (“A Verse Letter”), provides a gateway to understanding Ibsen’s exploration and curiosity. Ibsen was an inquisitive soul, and asked questions of society, morality and human nature.

This quote also provides a framework for diving into Ibsen’s work where questions are not only asked, but where time, space and human psychology are further explored.

Et rimbrev (“A Verse Letter”)

Glimpses of Ibsen’s Life

Opened February 28 2024

In the first part of the exhibition you will find objects that shaped Henrik Ibsen’s everyday life and bear witness to his significant contributions to literature.

Here you can see iconic hat and coat, his first editions and his honorable medals and decorations. Ibsen’s personal pens and writing equipment are a reminder that his words, shaped by these simple tools, have changed the world.

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    Stian Nybru

Ibsen’s dramas

Opened in July 2023

Part 2 of the exhibition includes 10 of Ibsen’s dramas such as «A Dolls House», «The Wild Duck» and «Hedda Gabler». «John Gabriel Borkmann» (1896) and «When the Dead Awaken» (1899) which Ibsen wrote here in the apartment are also included.


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    Stian Nybru
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    Stian Nybru
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